Bring Your Waste to Us

Waste Transfer Station Cardiff

A handful or a lorry load of waste? Our fully licensed waste transfer station will accommodate your needs.

This purpose built transfer station is situated in Wentloog (Cardiff, South Wales) and is registered and monitored by the Environment Agency. Our waste transfer station has drastically reduced the amount of waste that we and our customers send to landfill sites, minimising the carbon footprint of our company and our customers.

Efficient and Affordable Disposal

We offer a fully licensed waste transfer station facility located at Wentloog. You can bring your own waste/rubbish for disposal at this facility where it will be inspected, sorted, then bulked up for recycling/disposal.

  • Bring Your Waste / Rubbish / Recyclables to us.
  • No Minimum Charge - Everything is weighed.
  • Easy Access Site situated in Wentloog, Cardiff.
  • Pickups / Vans/ Trailers are very welcome
  • Ideal for situations where a skip is not practical/economical
I.e.Lack of space to site a skip. - e.g.Town Centre Shop.
Not enough waste to justify a skip. - e.g.Contractor/Handyman.