House Clearance and Garden Clearance in Cardiff

Our Low-Cost skip hire in Cardiff is ideal for both House and Garden clearance

The Mini Skip

When all you need is a convenient little skip, mini skips really are ideal - certainly if you're filling them with household or garden waste. They measure 3ft high, 5ft long and 4ft wide and, due to their size, they can fit into what many people would consider an 'inaccessible' area.

Of course, it depends on how full you fill your black bags, but we've worked out that you can comfortably put about 25-35 black bags into a mini skip. Also known as a 2-yard skip

The Midi Skip

The midi skip is perfect for larger amounts of household or garden waste when a mini skip just isn't big enough the midi skip normally fits the bill nicely. In addition to household waste, midi skips are also commonly used for commercial waste.

They measure 3.2ft high, 6ft long and 4.3 ft wide and we've worked out that you can put something like 35-45 fully loaded black bags into a midi skip.

The Builders Skip

The popular one! The maxi skip or builders skip as many call it, is used by those in the building trade and for larger domestic requirements. Maxi skips, the biggest of the standard shaped skips that we do, measure 4ft high, 10ft long and 5.6ft wide.

We've worked out that, as long as you've got the manpower and the energy, you can put something in the region of 65-85 black bags into a builder's skip. Also known as an '8-yard skip'.